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    Government of Yukon


    Open Government of Yukon forms with Adobe Reader

    Use Adobe Reader to open Government of Yukon forms. It's free, safe and it will ensure our forms can be filled out, printed and submitted. If you open a form in a web browser these features don't always function and you could lose your work.

    Step 1—Search for a form

    Locate a form by searching alphabetically, by?department or with the search bar at the top of the page.

    Step 2—Save the form to your desktop

    • Right-click on the form link.
    • Choose "Save As" or use the browser download button.
    • Save the file to your desktop.

    Step 3—Fill out the form

    • Open the file from your desktop using Adobe Reader 11 or newer.
    • Fill out the form. Print it and submit it.

    View?Government of Yukon forms by department

    Community Services?| Economic Development?| Education?| Energy, Mines and Resources?| Environment?| Executive Council Office?| Finance?| Health and Social Services?| Highways and Public Works?| Justice?| Tourism and Culture | Yukon Housing Corporation | Yukon Liquor Corporation

    View a listing of all Government of Yukon forms (listed alphabetically)

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    Do you have a question about Government of Yukon forms?

    Government of Yukon Inquiry Desk

    Email: inquiry.desk@gov.yk.ca
    Phone: 867-667-5811