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    Government of Yukon


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     Marriage Act 

     List of Clergymen Authorized to Solemnize Marriage
             Bilingual PDF (YG5055)

     Mental Health Act

     Form 1 - Application for Order for Involuntary Examination
             English French PDF (YG3983)

     Form 2 - Order to Apprehend
             English French PDF (YG3984)

     Form 3 - Statement of Peace Officer on Apprehension
             English French PDF (YG3985)

     Form 4 - Reccomendation for Involuntary Psychiatric Assessment (Physician)
             English French PDF (YG3986)

     Form 5 - Recommendation for Involuntary Psychiatric Assessment (Nurse)
             English French PDF (YG3987)

     Form 6 - Patient's Right to be Informed
             French English PDF (YG4077)

     Form 7 - Certificate of Involuntary Admission
             English French PDF (YG3989)

     Form 8 - Waiver of Right to an Automatic Hearing
             French English PDF (yg5281)

     Form 9 - Application to the Capability and Consent Board
             French English PDF (yg3988)

     Form 10 - Authorization for Specified Treatment
             French English PDF (yg3996)

     Form 11 - Certificate of Renewal of Involuntary Admission
             French English PDF (yg3997)

     Form 12 - Certificate of Change of Status
             French English PDF (yg3998)

     Form 13 - Notice of Intention to Transfer an Involuntary Patient (Yukon Resident)
             French English PDF (yg3990)

     Form 14 - Renewal of Proposed Patient Transfer
             French English PDF (yg4000)

     Form 15 - Application for Transfer of a Non-Resident Involuntary Patient
             French English PDF (yg4002)

     Form 16 - Temporary Release of Involuntary Patient
             French English PDF (yg4003)

     Form 17 - Certificate of Return
             French English PDF (yg4004)

     Form 18 - Application to Withhold Clinical Record
             French English PDF (yg4005)

     Form 19 - Request for Correction of the Clinical Record
             French English PDF (yg4006)

     Form 20 - Statement of Disagreement with a Clinical Record
             French English PDF (yg4007)

     Form 21 - Consent of Disclosure, Transmittal or Examination of a Patient Record
             French English PDF (yg4008)

     Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services

     Referral Information Sheet
             English French PDF (YG1552)


     Transfer of Claim - Placer - Statutory Declaration
             English French PDF (YG6070)

     Minerals - Placer Mining Claims

     Statutory Declaration - Authorization of Corporate Power of Attorney
             English French PDF (YG6759)

     Motor Vehicles 

     Vehicle Disposition Report
             English French PDF (YG6779)

     Driver's Licence - Letter of Confirmation/Experience Request
             English French PDF (YG6056)

     Driver's License/GIC - Consent - Applicants Under 18
             English French PDF (YG5729)

     Expiry Month Change - Application
             English French PDF (YG6091)

     Farm Vehicle Declaration
             English French PDF (YG6090)

     GIC (General Identification Card) - Application for Duplicate
             English French PDF (YG6094)

     GDL Driver Record and Declaration
             English French PDF (YG4885)

     Guarantor Declaration (in lieu of photo/signature identification)
             English French PDF (YG5728)

     Motor Vehicle Search Request
             English French PDF (YG3704)

     Personalized Licence Plate - Application
             Bilingual PDF (YG4978)

     Registration - Add Name
             English French PDF (YG6093)

     Vehicle Impoundment - Application for Review
             Bilingual PDF (YG4759)

     Veteran Plate Eligibility - Application
             English French PDF (YG5236)